On the Road with Our Clients

Our piloting role is to provide a safe environment for our clients to move all sorts of oversize loads.

We have been part of moves of compressors, massive tanks, bridge beams, mining equipment, swimming pools, houses, electrical buildings, oil rigs, hotel sections, giant cranes, cokers, windmills, over-length pipe, huge tires, giant spools & mods of every size.

NOTE: these photos are taken from stationary vehicles, or by crew who were not involved in the activity.

2018 - Trips to North Dakota

Throughout 2018 our pilots spent many months traveling from Alberta to various locations in the US.


We travelled many miles through beautiful Saskatchewan prairies on our way to North Dakota.

2018 - Trips to Colorado

Our pilots were part of an amazing crew which made many trips from Alberta through Montana, Wyoming and then Colorado to safely deliver huge compressors.


Some Interesting Loads on the Road

Safely moving over-dimensional loads – whether its over a short distance or over hundreds of kilometers is always interesting.


Here’s some photos of loads that we hope you enjoy looking at!

Our APTA Team

Here’s a sampling of some of our pilots, and their trucks.  


It’s not everyone, but we’ll add them as we update our pictures.  Stay tuned!